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Furuno 1945 6kw 4′ Open Array 10.4″ Color Lcd Radar

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Furuno 1945 6kw 4′ Open Array 10.4″ Color Lcd Radar

1945 Radar

Furuno’s 1945 Radar is a high contrast 10.4″ color LCD radar designed for a wide range of vessels including pleasure craft, fishing boats and work boats. This new radar offers crystal clear target presentation with automatic Gain/Sea/Rain controls to deliver noise-free radar presentation. It features superb detection of even small targets both at short and long range. It also boasts all-new display modes which will assist you with navigating safely on all waters. The 1945 allows you to see far away objects before they are visible, and allows you to see in the dark, fog or during periods of obstructed visibility in any weather condition. With its advanced signal processing technology, the 1945 demonstrates a substantial increase in target detection, particularly for close range targets.

The 1945 can be interconnected with other navigation equipment such as chart plotters and sounders through Furuno’s programmable NMEA 0183 interface system, affording operators the ability to expand their boat’s system as needed.

AIS/ARPA Display:

Up to 100 AIS and 10 ARPA targets can be tracked and overlaid on the radar screen to assist the operator in monitoring other vessel movements. Since AIS works by VHF transceiver system, a variety of navigational information such as vessel name, speed, ROT, draft, and the destination of the selected targets can be included in real time. Unlike ARPA targets, AIS targets are visible on-screen even if they are obscured by large ships or islands.

Off-Center Mode: 

With a push of the “OFF CENTER” button, own ship position can be shifted to a pre-registered point on the screen, allowing the operator to focus on a specific area ahead of or around the vessel without losing track of the position.


Antenna Size: 4 ft

Antenna Type: Open Array

Band:  X-Band

Display Size: 10.4 inches

Display Type:  Color LCD

Beam Width: 1.9 degrees

Power Usage: 12-24 VDC

Power Output: 6 kW

Range: 64 nm

1945 Radar comes with Display, Pedestal, 4ft Array, and 15m Cable

Manufacturer Part Number: 1945


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